Thank you for selecting to order a Customised Gum Shield. Customised Gum Shields Provide Optimal Comfort and Protection against Dental Trauma. It is known to help to protect the mouth from injuries such as broken or lost teeth, bruised or lacerated cheeks and damaged/ fractured jaw bones.

A Fully Qualified Dental Team will be on site in PBC to take individual impressions and will return 7-10 days later with the Gum Shields for the final fit. Final adjustments to ensure they are comfortable can be done at this visit. Please let us know if adjustments are needed at the fit visit in PBC. Later adjustments can only be done off site at Glanmire Dental Practice.



Price for the Customised Gum Shields:

  • €65 for one colour
  • €70 for two colours
  • €75 for three colours.

Additional information

Gumshield Colors

1 – Single Colour Fitted Gumshield, 2 – Two Colour Fitted Gumshield, 3 – Three Colour Fitted Gumshield

Please Register one form per person. Multiple orders for the one person can be paid at check out.

The colour chart with the various colour options will be available on the day of the impressions for the student to pick from. Note no changes to colour can be made after the event as the Gum Shields are made to order.

* If you are about to get braces, please note as these are custom fit on the day of the impression – they will not fit once the braces are on. Depending on the timeline it might be better to wait until the braces are on. Should you decide to wait you can call Glanmire Dental Practice on 0214821133 to make an appointment in the Practice to do the impressions and fit there at a later date.

Please note impressions for Custom Fit Gum Shields will only be made for preregistered & prepaid orders.